Solomon Rothman


Solomon Rothman is a web designer, filmmaker, and writer. A modern day renaissance man, he directed, shot, and starred in a full length movie. Learn more about Solomon and watch the free movie Boy Who Never Slept at He also authors a non-themed blog that contains daily posts on topics of all kinds - Subscribe here.

Syndicate Your Blog the Low Tech Way. Submit Your Blog Entries as Articles.

26th May 2006
This might seem a little strange, but I've started submitting my blog entries to article submission sites to gain more readers, and build links for SEO. Before blogs hit the mainstream website owners would (and still do) post articles on the large array o... Read >

Examples of Bad Web Site Graphic Design

16th February 2006
There are two major problems inherent in most graphic design for the Internet. One of is 'too much' and the other is 'no connection'. Designers tend to put 'too much' emphasis on the graphic elements which can take away from the actual site content, and t... Read >